Supplier Profile | SAB South African Breweries

What we look for in a supplier

Our suppliers are a key stakeholder of our business.

Having a pool of robust suppliers is indeed critical for us to achieve our Business Dream. It is therefore essential that we make the right sourcing choice.

We are looking for suppliers who are championing transformation from an ownership and a B-BBEE contributor level.

We favour the inclusion in our supply chain of black women, black youth and other vulnerable groups. As South Africa is stricken by unemployment, we all have a responsibility, as businesses, to seek job creating opportunities. As we allocate work to suppliers, we hope to see a positive impact of the number of their employees, in particular previously disadvantaged communities.

Evidence often examined include :

  • Only valid BBBEE Certificates from an approved SANAS/IRBA certification agency are accepted. (See the list of agencies on or
  • Valid EME Sworn Affidavit. Affidavit can be used for suppliers with a spend <R10M (Ten Million Rand) and is also applicable to Sole Proprietors /Traders and Owner drivers.
  • Letter from Charted accountants – Letter only acceptable in the event that a vendor’s BBBEE certificate expired and the accountant provided confirmation that the vendor is being audited. The expired certificate has to be accompaneid with this letter. Vendor’s not registered for BBBEE have to provide an EME sworn affidavit provided that their annual turnover is less than R10 million. Letters from accountants confirming annual turnover below R10 million are no longer acceptable as BBBEE status.
  • BBBEE Certificate or EME Sworn Affidavit have to be commissioned by a commissioned of oaths.

We are looking for suppliers/partner who are aligned to principles and values with whom we can grow and positively impact the communities we operate in.

We expect our suppliers to conduct business in a fair and ethical manner, and to comply to all regulatory framework which apply to their field of business.

We require our suppliers to showcase real interest in the green agenda as well as offering fair and conducive working conditions for their employees

We want to partner with businesses that are “hands on”, able to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Evidence often examined include:

  • CIPRO/Company registration documentation (South Africa Only)
    • Copy of the Company Registration documents or Identity Document of owners for non-registered companies
    • Documentation to be commissioned by a Commissioner of Oath
  • SAB Withholding TAX Affidavit (South Africa Only)
    • Declaration of Tax Status for all service vendors as well as vendors that provides a combination of goods and services.
    • Affidavit to be commissioned by a commissioner of oath
  • Bank Confirmation letter
    • Bank Name and address to appear on the letter
    • Account holders’ details to appear on the letter
    • Bank account number and branch code required on the letter
    • Company registration number (South Africa Only)
    • IBAN number (Outside of South Africa)
    • Swift address (Outside of South Africa)
    • Currency (Outside of South Africa)
    • Not older than 3 months
    • On the bank’s letterhead
    • Letter to be stamped by the bank
  • Safety
    • Industry specific certification (e.g. Transport: RTMS)
  • Sustainability
    • Measures taken to reduce carbon footprint

While we are committed to transformation we cannot compromise the quality of our products nor the efficiency of our operations

Our suppliers have a key role in achieving this.

We look for suppliers with relevant experience and a solid track record of delivering quality goods/services at the right time and the right price

We appreciate suppliers that communicate upfront on challenges and are proactive in finding solutions.

Evidence often examined include :

  • Company profile
  • Letters of reference from previous clients