Process to Become a Supplier | SAB South African Breweries


Process to be considered as a potential supplier

The journey to be considered as potential suppliers starts with you submitting your profile and all required supporting documentation on this portal

Applying to become a potential supplier

  1. Submit profile here where you will receive a reference number
  2. Aspiring supplier may see feedback by entering reference number in applicable field on
  3. You can enter your reference number in the applicable field on the homepage to view your submission status
  4. If your business meets a need in our supply chain, you will be contacted by a category manager for current and future bidding opportunities

SAB Sourcing Process

  1. Business Need (RFI/RFQ)
  2. Purchase requisition (PR) created
  3. Procurement invites vendors to bid from our approved vendor list
  4. Procurement awards tender to successful vendor
  5. Purchase order (PO) created
  6. Goods / Services Delivered
  7. Goods Receipt Note processed (GRN)
  8. Payment commenced in accordance to payment terms negotiated